Pornstar Escorts

Pornstar Escorts?

What? How? When?

It's crazy to think that most young males who watch Internet (is there any other kind anymore?) porn don't realize that for less than the price of weekend vacation, they could meet up and spend time with their favorite pornstars.

pornstar escorting

How is this?

Simple. One of the worst kept secrets in the industry is that porn stars escort. They don't always do it under their "stage" names or real names, but many of them do it. It's a simple fact of the adult entertainment business that explosion of free internet porn has driven down the shooting budgets, and subsequently the wages paid for filming. Some girls have learned that they can make MORE per hour escorting than filming...and let's be honest, it's a much nice environment most of the time. No long shifts (unless booked for a long duration GFE porn star escorting experience), no stop and start, no gonzo (unless they choose), no multiple people standing around filming, taking photos, holding lights, etc.

This article from Salon does a good job explaining the perks and drawbacks of the escorting life for working (and often retired) porn stars. Some of the highlights include:

- Porn DVD sales started to plummet in 2007 (thanks, Internet!)and with a large portion of cash sucked out of the industry, girls went from making thousands of dollars per scene to hundreds. Sometimes hundred singular. Add to this a large influx of new talent from a generation that grew up on porn and suddenly there was more supply than demand.

- Needing to pay the bills (who doesn't), actresses turned to escorting. Having name recognition thrust them to the forefront of the marketplace, and they learned they could quickly charge $500-$1000 per hour....or more!

- Safer because they can practice safe sex, which is frowned upon in the porn industry. Less safe because some performers will accept increased rates for bareback or unprotected sex with escorting clients, which can bring disease back to the porn set if in between 14 day testing period.

So How To Hire A Porn Star Escort?

There are numerous Internet sites where porn stars who escort advertise. The oldest porn star escorting site is probably, which carries a $1000 deposit to register and get verified. For the more thrifty, we'd suggest filling your porn star escorting needs at Slixa. All the ads that show up are paid ads, which reduces the potential risk of hiring a porn star escort.

What Now?

Get your pennies...that dream date is available much easier and cheaper than you ever imagined.